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Recommendation for using linseed for anxiety

The oceans' wildlife is conserved by use of sustainable linseed omega-3

“Flax Oil Cures Anxiety” from the EarthClinic website.

In a cutting from an unidentified newspaper passed to me by a Flax enthusiast: Sharon from the US reports that having increased her daily dose of linseed(flaxseed) oil that contained ground linseed particles (High Lignan Cold-pressed Flax [Linseed] Oil) her anxiety and adrenaline levels reduced. Although she knew it helped bi-polar disorders she was surprised to find it worked on anxiety also.  After taking a break from linseed oil her symptoms of anxiety returned.  Many others report similar calming effects.

Ladies’ hormones:

Some women experience anxiety, stress and depression associated with their monthly cycle or PMT. When the mood and anxiety has a hormonal element it is worth adding ground linseed (flaxseed) to the diet to benefit from the lignans which support hormone balance. .

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