Remove foreign substance from the eye

Linseeds used for cough remedy
Linseeds used for cough remedy

How to get something out of your eye

Using linseed to get grit and other particles out of the eye

This is brilliant. Within days of reading about it I found myself with a bit of grit in my eye. I followed the instructions below and it worked a treat. Quite amazing and so easy!

This is a simple, domestic remedy that has been in use in Europe and North America in times gone by.

Taken from European Medicines Agency, Evaluation of Medicines for Human Use:

  • Take a linseed and moisten it. The easiest way is to put the seed in your mouth for a few seconds, it quickly starts to feel slightly slimy.
  • Take it out of your mouth and pop it under the eyelid of the eye with the foreign substance in it.
  • Keep your eye closed for a moment or two, it won’t take long before the particle has stuck onto the linseed.
  • Remove linseed and with it comes the bit of grit.

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