Linseed (flaxseed) works holistically with your body, at a cellular level which is why it is included in specialist diets, created by doctors, including the Budwig Diet, Gerson Therapy and OvercomingMS recovery program.  It may also help improve your cholesterol levels, keep your joints supple, regulate hormones,  balance the immune system  and keep skin healthy, supple & beautiful. You can find out  exactly what our others customers have said by clicking here. Reviews. Read how our products have helped other people here . and our reviews on Google.

Linseed a Functional Food and Delicious

Our cold-milled ground linseed (flaxseed) and cold-pressed flaxseed oil are full of important nutrients including omega-3, fibre, soluble fibre and linans, that can help your whole body with health and healing. Made freshly from the very best linseed they are a delicious addition to meals. Read more


Linseed Oil: Omega 3 and how it helps your body

You’ve heard about Omega 3.  Flax Farm cold-pressed  flaxseed oil is full of this ‘good for you’ fatty acid, which is why it’s a healthy choice for you and your children  Read more

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Freshly Milled Ground Linseed 

Used for health since ancient Babylon. Cold-milled, Ground Linseed is the number one food for a healthy regular, comfortable digestion that underpins the health of your whole body. Read more

Linseed Or Flax: What’s The Difference?

They are the same but there can be some important differences!

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Flaxipedia has been written to celebrate the many unusual, historical, traditional and novel uses for linseed and flax.

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The Budwig diet for dogs is a useful way to incorporate cold-pressed linseed oil into a dog's diet. It makes the omega-3 more absorbable and effective.

The Budwig Diet

The full Budwig protocol lays out a plan for balanced macrobiotic and microbiotic nutrition plus the lifestyle, spiritual and emotional side of health.

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We have created this site to help you get the best from linseed (flaxseed). We have tried to put the information here that answers the many linseed, health and diet questions we get asked. If you can’t find the answer you are looking for please phone, email or visit us at markets.

Here at Flax Farm we cold press linseed oil, produce linseed meal and other delicious linseed-based products in the good old-fashion way. We have been producing linseed for almost 15 years. We are constantly amazed by our experience of linseed and buy what our customers say about it. Our enthusiasm for it is shared by so many people who love the way it makes them feel.

You can buy our linseed cold-pressed oil, cracked and ground linseed meal, linseed porridge & muesli and delicious Flaxjacks® direct online, by phone, at  farmers’ markets and in an increasing number of shops.