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Osteoporosis: a good news story

Gold and brown linseed or flax

Linseed (Flax) for Ladies: Lignans for Osteoporosis

We were told a fascinating little good good-news story at Borough Market by a lovely lady who wanted us to share this especially with “ladies of a certain age”. It’s well know that linseed is great for balancing ladies’ hormones during PMT and the menopause, but it also has benefits after the menopause. A lady and her husband told us and our all customers how it had helped them.

“Cleared up osteoporosis” 

16 years ago the lady had been diagnosed with osteoporosis, the doctor wanted her to go on HRT but she wasn’t having any of that!  So she took linseed instead and improved her diet; the result as her husband put it “it cleared it up a treat” and now aged 74 she hasn’t got osteoporosis.

There are things you can do to reduce your chances of developing Osteoporosis

 Farm cold-pressed linseed oil is an excellent source for omega-3
Flax Farm cold-pressed linseed oil is an excellent source of omega-3

About half the women in the UK are destined to develop osteoporosis and many will suffer life-threatening fractures. Maintaining bone density plays an important role in preventing this danger. A good diet helps, but surprisingly a lot of meat, fish and dairy foods in the diet can increase your chance of developing osteoporosis. Increasing your omega-3 and linseed is an excellent source helps with maintaining healthy bones post menopause.

Beware of Milk, Cheese and Yoghurt

Don’t think all that calcium in milk, cheese and yoghurt will automatically be used by the body to strengthen bones, it can actually weaken them (the US has the world’s highest intake of dairy and the highest incidence of osteoporosis!) Too much protein food and not enough vegetables is a big part of the problem as it unbalances and acidifies the blood chemistry resulting in calcium being leached from the bones as the body tries to correct the blood chemistry. (Eskimos find their diet rich in omega-3 helps protect them from heart disease but osteoporosis is a problem because they don’t get enough green veggies!)

In young people their hormones fight hard to keep the bones strong, but as women age, more so after the menopause, our hormones levels reduce, calcium is no longer replaced in the bones and bone strength diminishes.

Osteoporosis is symptomless as it progresses until there is a fracture, by which time the problem advanced.

Ground bronze and gold linseed rich in lignans to help keep bones strong and protect against osteoporosis
Ground bronze and gold linseed rich in lignans

Linseed (Flax) a natural HRT alternative

Linseed is called Nature’s HRT, it is a traditional remedy used by many women during the menopause because it makes them feel better and helps alleviate the usual symptoms but what we often forget is it can also help maintain health in our bones.

The great benefit of linseed for ladies hormones comes from compounds in the husk called lignans. These are powerful antioxidants which also have a gentle oestrogen-like effect and this is what pro-actively helps keep the bones strong.

How to use Linseed for Strong Bones

It is never too late to start eating to keep your bones strong.

Research has shown women who eat higher levels of omega-3 are less prone to osteoporosis. Flax Farm cold-pressed linseed oil is excellent source omega-3 55-60%  ALA.  Lignans which are nature’s HRT are found in Flax Farm ground linseed and whole linseed (so lone as you grind it to get the full benefit.)

Add 1-2 ounces of Flax Farm ground linseed to your food every day. See our recipes for ideas.

Other Tips for Healthy Bones

  • Try to reduce the cheese, yoghurt and milk
  • Reduce Meat
  • Cut back on the sugar or alcohol.
  • Increase vegetables, especially the leafy green ones.
  • Take plenty of exercise. Don’t overdo it but include walking, weights, jogging, dancing, Pilates, aerobics. (It is always best to check with the doctor first before undertaking vigorous activity you are not used to.)
  • Get plenty of sunshine or take vitamin D supplement
Whole linseeds should be ground for treating osteoporosis to get the best from both omega-3 and lignans to keep ladies bones strong
Whole linseeds should be ground for treating osteoporosis to get the best from both omega-3 and lignans.

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    • Clare Skelton says:

      People have been cooking ground linseed like this for at least 15,000 years. Several countries in the world love it as part of their ethnic cooking tradition. As it cooks in a fairly moist way it is virtually steameed, the temperature stays low and so doesn’t get hot enough to interfere with the health benefits.

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