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We have created this site to help you get the best from UK linseed (flaxseed) and experience health and wellbeing this wonderful food can bring. We have tried to put the information here that answers the many linseed, health and diet questions we get asked at the stall at Borough Market and other farmers' market. Linseed is amazing. People can start to feel some the benefits of it very quickly.  This is often the "quick win" they need to make a few more changes to diet and lifestyle often resulting in a return to better health and wellness. Here at Flax Farm we cold press linseed oil and produce linseed meal and other delicious linseed-based products in the good old-fashion way. We have been producing linseed for almost 15 years and are constantly amazed by it; it's a superfood that really can make you feel and look great. We want you to enjoy linseed for its great flavour and amazing health benefits.
  • UK-grown
  • Freshly produced in Sussex
  • Non-GM
  • Simply produced, no additives

  You can buy our linseed cold-pressed oil, cracked and ground linseed meal, linseed porridge & muesli and delicious Flaxjacks® direct online, by phone, at our Borough Market stall, selected farmers' markets and in an increasing number of shops.

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free-shippingGet free shipping on all orders over £70 – UK deliveries only excluding Highlands & Islands and overseas. Your order will usually arrive within 1-3 working days.


giftOur Flaxjacks and linseed make an original and thoughtful gift. Let us know what you want sent and we will do the rest.


heartWhatever your questions about linseed we are real people you can talk to. You can even try our cold-pressed linseed (flaxseed) oil and Flaxjacks at Borough Market.

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