Budwig Cream no saturated fat

Budwig cream -saturated fat free high in omega-3 with fruit

Healthier alternative to whipped cream

It looks like cream, tastes like just about like cream (actually I prefer it to cream now) and there’s no saturated fat but lots of omega-3.

Zesty, Seedy Breakfast/Dessert Bowl with Lime – vegan and paleo

There are some lovely unwaxed limes in shops now and I love lime, especially added to fresh ginger and  other fruits such as orange or papaya.  I don’t use milk and don’t like the alternative “milks” when I read about how they are made, so a simpler breakfast of fruit and seeds seems a better idea.  As I am not a fan of oats for every every day it is also cereal-free, no oats even, so gluten-free and with plenty of ground linseed it’s a good breakfast for a healthy digestion.   The cold-pressed Flax Farm Linseed Oil adds richness and lots of healthy omega-3.  This breakfast tastes fresh and fabulous. Of course you can adapt it to the fruits, seeds and nuts you have to hand.

Simple, sticky, 2 ingredient molasses flax bars

Treacle flax bars

Molasses: tasty, healthy and natural sweetening

I love molasses almost as much as chocolate in baking. It is a healthy sweetener with almost half the sugar of other sugars but loads of healthful minerals and masses of glorious flavour.   There are just two ingredients so these bars are very easy to make.  I enjoy these healthy bars for breakfast, not too sweet and a great start to the day,. They are also delcious with a cup of coffee or packed in lunchboxes or rucksacks for walking and cycling.

Every day I love these bars more and more until they are finished. They are intensely flavoursome and relatively low in sugar,, which is made even healhtier by the high fibre of the linseed which slows down the rate you digest sugars thereby protecting you from sugar spikes and the droopiness that follows foods made with refined sugars and starches.

Healthy ground linseed bars

With almost 14g of ground linseed in each bar it means a whopping 5.5g omega-3 and 6g fibre but only 12 g sugar and no wheat and gluten-free. Which makes these really healthy bars and a great way to eat your daily linseed.

High protein fruity linseed (flax) and skyr breakfast bowl

High protein low carb linseed breakfast bowl.

High protein, unsweetened, low carb

Skyr low fat - high protein low carb breakfast or dessert
Skyr low fat – high protein low carb breakfast or dessert

Skyr is a relatively new food on the supermarket shelves. It is similar to strained Greek yoghurt, high protein but low almost no fat. It blends really well with our cold-pressed linseed oil to make a tasty, luxurious breakfast.

It is ideal for high protein, low carb breakfasts,  You make it even more low cab by selecting lower carb fruits such as grapefruit, peaches or melon. If you are looking for low carb nuts choose macadamia or Brazil nuts.

Great low carb dessert, no dairy fat, no saturated fat

Use just low carb fruit, stevia to sweeten and you have yourself a rare commodity, a lovely rich low carb dessert virtually free from saturated fat.

Slow release, fuller for longer

Ground linseed is an excellent low carb choice with less than half a gram of carbohydrate in a portion but more than 5g of protein and 7.5g fibre it’s satisfying  really helps to keep you feeling full for longer.

Quick and easy to make healthy breakfast

I have this sort of breakfast almost every morning. It is quicker and easier to make than read about, You use simple ingredients available at any supermarket and can vary as you want or leave out ingredients you don’t have or don’t fancy.

Traditional buckwheat and flax drop-scones, gluten-free, vegan, saturated fat-free

I often cook without eggs so that it is a fat-free and healthier option. I use chickpea flour with buckwheat flakes (or flour) and ground flax as a more nutritious alternative to wheat flour, eggs and all that stuff. I use a coarse ground chickpea flour called maghaj but gram flour works just as well.

I use coarse gound chickpea flour and buckwheat flakes because they are lower GI than finer flours and make breads and baking more chewy, substantial and satisfying.

Dairy-Free Flax Oil Butter 1, Simple spread

Cold pressed linseed (flaxseed) oil makes a great alternative to butter for bread or crackers.

Dairy-free & Vegan; spread as butter

We love using our cold-pressed linseed oil – including high lignan – as delicious easy butter alternative. If you need a dairy-free, vegan butter try Flax Farm cold-pressed linseed oil.  It’s great on crackers, bread, toast and even wheat-free breads.  It’s lovely as a dipping oil too, really good with spelt and traditionally made artisan breads or cooked veg and potatoes.

Small children especially seem to love dipping bread into the mild-buttery flavour of Flax Farm cold-pressed linseed oil as an alternative to butter.

Healthy Butter Alternative

Using our linseed oil as a healthy butter alternative means no saturated fat, no cholesterol, no animal fats and no milk protein.

Fewer calories per slice too!

Another advantage is you tend to use less oil because it is liquid, a few drops and far fewer calories go a long way. Helps keep you slim.

Omega-3 too

Probably the main reason you have a bottle of Flax Farm cold-pressed linseed oil for omega-3.  Use it as a spread instead of butter on your bread and you will be making a good addition to your daily omega-3 intake. It’s lovely with marmalade or savoury foods.

Dairy-Free Flax Oil Butter 2.

Healthy dairy free butter spreads from the fridge

Dairy-free and Vegan Butter

This looks almost just like ordinary butter and spreads from the fridge; this version is best for savoury use. It’s really easy to make.  Great on bread, crackers toast or veg. Good in any baking but don’t grill or fry with it.

Healthy Butter Alternative

This is a really healthy alternative to butter, no hydrogenated fats, no cholesterol, no animal fats and no milk protein, no additives, no anti-biotic residues and GMO-free.

Omega-3 too

As a bonus it has Flax Farm cold-pressed linseed oil which is an great source of essential omega-3 fatty acid.

Dairy-Free Flax Oil Butter 4. Oleolux

Ingredients for recipe for Budwig diet Oleolux

Budwig Diet Dairy-free and Vegan Butter and Relish

This recipe was created by the famous Dr Johanna Budwig, it is an important part of the Budwig Diet. Use it as a relish or topping for cooked veg, potatoes, pasta, rice and buckwheat. It’s slightly nutty and really tasty and can transform simple steamed and baked veg.

Healthy Butter Alternative

This is a really healthy alternative to butter, no hydrogenated fats, no cholesterol, no animal fats and no milk protein, no additives, no anti-biotic residues and GMO-free.

Omega-3 too

As a bonus it has Flax Farm cold-pressed linseed oil which is an great source of essential omega-3 fatty acid.

Chocolate Mousse (Quick, Easy, Healthy & Delicious!)

Linseed chocolate mouse

I’m not sure whether the best thing about this recipe is that it’s so much quicker and easier to make than conventional mousse, full of good linseedy things like fibre and omega-3, it’s got no sugar and is low GI, it fills you up, got no naughty fats, amazingly delicious or just a great healthy way to get your chocolate fix! Despite the banana being the base it doesn’t taste particularly of strongly of banana. If you want a treat try this for breakfast; it’s a lot healthier than other chocolate breakfasts!


Raw Blackcurrant Ice-Cream with Linseed (dairy-free, sugar-free and no saturated fat)

Sugar-free, saturated-fat-free, dairy-free blackcurrant & banana ice-cream recipe.

Healthy Ice Cream Recipe

This recipe came about after going out for summer walk over the South Downs with a friend who decided to.restore herself with a blackcurrant ice cream; knowing her ice cream was laden with dairy, saturated fat and sugar didn’t make it any less tempting.  So as soon as I got home I made this recipe which is sugar-free, saturated-fat-free, dairy-free and low GI and much lower in calories. Since then I have been working on perfecting and find it makes and excellent breakfast during warm weather as well as satisfying dessert.

Having learnt how to make this sort of ice cream, healthy and delicious, brimming with all the goodness of fresh fruit and Flax Farm cold-pressed linseed (flaxseed) oil and ground linseed (omega-3, soluble and insoluble fibre, antioxidants,lignans)  I am never going to buy conventional ice creams and sorbets ever again. Check out our recipes for other varieties to keep your healthy with these super treats that are somewhere between conventional ice creams, sorbet and semifreddo desserts.

Quick and Easy to Make Homemade Ice Cream

This healthy ice home made cream recipe has the added benefit of being incredibly quick and easy to make – useful when you need an emergency dessert!

For dinner parties dress it up with sweetened fruit coulis and toasted flaked almonds, your guests will love it.