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How to do the Budwig Diet, a day’s routine

A typical day on the Budwig Diet

Follow this page and the recipes and you will be well on course for following the Budwig diet correctly. For detailed instructions to follow the diet see the page “the full diet”.


  • Glass of sauerkraut juice.  If this is a problem, try a glass of water with fresh lemon juice in it but try to include at least some raw, unpasteurised sauerkraut (this is now available from the bigger supermarkets and health food shops) with your lunch or evening meal.
  • Green or herbal tea
  • ?????
  • Budwig “Muesli”: it’s rather like a delicious version of Eton Mess dessert; a cream of cold-pressed linseed oil and quark cottage cheese (or Greek-style yoghurt), ground linseed, fruit, honey, sweet spices, nuts and berries.  See recipe.
  • Raw veggies, up to 50g of traditionally made cheese (Cheddar, brie, Emmenthal, Gruyere, etc) and bread (optional)
  • Glass of freshly pressed juice with a tablespoonful of ground linseed in it. (The linseed helps stabilise the blood sugar.)


  • Glass Champagne & ground linseed. Johanna Budwig offer Champagne on the diet, alcohol isn’t essential, I think it is partly there to cheer patients up, a glass of herbal tea is also acceptable.)
  • Raw salad with cold-pressed linseed oil dressing
  • Optional meat-free course of vegetables, potatoes and rice or similar.
  • Budwig cream in a similar dessert to the Budwig muesli eaten for breakfast. If you are a more savoury person use the Budwig Cream as mayonnaise with the salad course, you can add lemon juice, chopped cornichon, capers and chopped herbs to make it a savoury dressing. 
  • Cup of green tea

Mid Afternoon

  • A glass of red wine, champagne or freshly squeezed juice with honey (optional) and ground linseed.

Evening meal

Before bed

  • A glass of red wine

In addition

  • Throughout the day glasses of fresh juices, with some freshly ground linseed added to each glass, green tea or even the occasional cup of black tea (but without milk and sugar but Johanna Budwig said you can use a teaspoon of honey).
  • Take gentle exercise outdoors in sunlight, sleep well, practise relaxation and meditation.  There is a bit more, including enemas but this is a good start,  See the Budwig Yahoo group an international forum for the diet,

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