Why the best oil isn’t filtered or refined

Cold-pressed high lignan linseed flax seed oil

Why are there sometimes particles in bottles of linseed/flax seed oil?

Naturally occurring cloudiness and particles in cold-pressed flax seed linseed oil
Naturally occurring cloudiness and particles in cold-pressed flax seed linseed oil.

We are often asked why our cold-pressed linseed/flax seed oil sometimes has particles in it  These can be either dark residues or white cloudiness in the bottles  It’s actually a very good sign of unfiltered oil but it’s an interesting and very good question if you are used to seeing crystal clear oils in supermarkets. 

Unrefined, unfiltered, natural

The reason is quite simple; Flax Farm cold-pressed flax seed/linseed oil is a completely natural, unfiltered, unrefined and unprocessed. It is normal for unfiltered oils to have small particles of the original seed and white waxes separate out. In fact; this is a good sign because it shows our oil is simply pressed and not altered. We could process this characteristic out of the oil like supermarket cooking oils; we don’t because we don’t know what other benefits of the oil could be filtered out at the same time.

Flax Farm simply lets the particles settle out before the oil is bottled this means our oil is usually looks pretty clear, but sometimes has some particles in and always goes thick if stored cold in the freezer,

Coconut oil also white and solid at room temperature

Linseed oil is a natural product and the degree of residues, cloudiness varies from batch to batch. Some of the cloudiness is due waxes and other fatty acids that are part of the natural make-up of the seeds. These compounds are more buttery and naturally solid at lower temperatures. When the bottle of oil is reasonably warm they stay dissolved but as it cools they crystallise out into waxy lumps. they are a natural part of unrefined oil and just as safe to eat as coconut oil which, due to the type of fatty acids is also white and solid at lower temperature.

Cold-pressed unrefined linseed flax seed oil
Cold-pressed unrefined linseed flax seed oil

Works better than just omega-3

We know the oil works better than the sum of its known parts; there’s more to it than just omega-3. Whether following the Budwig Diet, the OMS Recovery Program or other health reasons we get great reports from customers using it for themselves and their pets so we aren’t going to start refining it now!

High lignan extra nutrients

Linseed is Nature;s richest source of lignans. Lignans occur in high concentrations in the fibre of linseeds.  They are powerful antioxidants, many times more powerful than vitamin E. So if you use high lignan linseed oil you are getting a little extra in your food, Flax Farm high lignan linseed/flax seed oil is available from our shop. 

Ultra clear oils have lost their nutrients

Supermarket oils go through many processes to get them so ultra clear and not going gloopy if put in the fridge. These processes not only remove natural waxes lipids but also nutrients like vitamin E and other nutritious compounds that aid digestion of oils.

Here is a great article about olive oil becoming cloudy when it gets cool.  l https://www.oliveoilsource.com/page/freezing-olive-oil. Linseed oil because it is more unsaturated doesn’t go quite as thick or gloopy as olive oil at low temperatures such as the fridge.

Linseed oil that can go cloudy is wholesome and better for you

Cold-pressed unrefined linseed flax seed oil
Cold-pressed unrefined linseed flax seed oil

Flax Farm cold pressed linseed oil has all of its goodness still in it, nothing taken away so expect it to go a bit cloudy, just like good olive oil if stored in the fridge or freezer.   Keep enjoying natural cold-pressed, unrefined oils; they are better for you. Flax Farm unrefined cold-pressed linseed/flax seed oil is available from our shop. x

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