Linseed & flax on cigarette & chocolate cards

Cigarette card: harvesting flax

Flax and linseed traditionally important crops

Lin, linseed or flax from a French chocolate card
Lin, linseed or flax from a French chocolate card

Due to the importance of the linseed and flax as crops they were popular subjects for 20th century chocolate and cigarette cards throughout Europe. The pictures shown are from French chocolate bars and cigarettes.  It reflects importance of linseed and flax as crops in the first half of the century. The flowers of both crops are the same, both were grown from Linum usitatissium but harvested  at different stages of maturity. Continue reading

Feeding hens with linseed for omega-3 eggs

Millefleur Wyandotte chickens lay omega-3 eggs when fed with linseed oil.

Linseed in chicken feed increases omega-3 in eggs

You are what you eat and the same goes for chickens!  Linseed (flax) oil and ground linseed in the diet of hens and bantams increases levels of omega-3 in meat and eggs Continue reading