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Top Tips for Healthier Smoothies with Cold-pressed Linseed Oil and Ground Linseed

Healthier Smoothies

Real food that makes you feel healthier

Linseed oil provides omega-3 and ground linseed tummy-friendly fibre for a healthy digestion.

The first thing I ever did with linseed was made a breakfast smoothie of orange juice, banana and cold-pressed linseed oil, within four days I was noticing the benefits and have never looked back. Almost twenty years on and hardly a day has gone by without me eating linseed. I love the flavour, it’s great to know linseed is rich in healthy omega-3, high-fibre and low GI goodness, etc., but what I really enjoy is feeling the health benefits and I can honestly say I still can’t believe how much better I feel now than I did 20 years ago – thanks to linseed,

Cold-pressed Linseed Flax Oil Omega-3 for Health and Wellbeing

Cold-pressed linseed (flaxseed) oil is probably the number one food for OMS diet, supple joints, skin, hair and nails. It’s natural omega-3 food that you can enjoy daily.

Ground Linseed Dietary Fibre for Digestion and Hormones

Most naturopaths, herbalists and digestion specials say ground linseed is the number 1 food to get a good digestion. It works with your body and helps your digestion work the way nature intended naturally.

Linseed is also Nature’s richest source of lignans which are super antioxidants phytonutrient and mild phyto-oestogens that help women’s hormone balance.

Keto, Low Carb, Low GI

A low Glycemic Index smoothie is a good option if you are trying to control weight or manage blood sugar levels. Flax Farm cold-pressed linseed oil and ground linseed are effectively carb-free (ground linseed has only about 1% available carbohydrate) but has loads of fibre to help stop sugar spikes or insulin spikes.  Linseed has a reputation for boosting the metabolism so a great addition to a low carb, carb-free smoothie if you are trying to build muscle or lose weight.

Quick, easy, nutritious, infinitely variable and tailored to your taste and needs

Whole grains, fruits, berries, veggies, seeds, nuts, with linseed oil and ground linseed are the starting point. You can use milk, dairy or not dairy, water or juice and whizz up in a blender. If it’s very thick you can eat it with a spoon.

Tips for making Healthier Smoothies

  • Fresh leaf spinach tastes great with all fruits Flax Farm cold-pressed oil to make it taste less acidic and creamier.
  • When adding watercress, kale or broccoli add orange, even orange zest to improve the flavor.
  • A thumbnail size piece of ginger gives a fruity zing to your smoothie and is so good for you.
  • Incorporate up to 20ml of Flax Farm cold-pressed linseed(flaxseed) oil into your smoothie. Use banana, mango or papaya or which blends with the oil to make a lovely rich creamy, smoother smoothie
  • A few drops of vanilla makes most things taste better
  • Avocado is great for making a satisfying low carb smoothie
  • 1-2 TBS Ground linseed makes smoothies more slow-release and sustaining
  • Add rolled oats or quinoa flakes for an energy smoothie
  • Cocoa powder or cacao are both great in smoothies for satisfying those chocolate cravings in a healthy way.
  • Use stevia liquid or other healthy sweetener to sweeten your smoothie to your taste.
  • Linseed smoothies don’t necessarily need milk or juice, water tastes great and is very good for you. Adding ground linseed makes smoothies richer like milk and a teaspoon or two of Flax Farm cold-pressed linseed oil makes it even richer and creamier.
Omega-3 flax linseed smoothie
Omega-3 flax linseed smoothie


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